Saturday, July 4, 2009

Memoirs Of The Dead

I'm about four chapters into Memoirs and I have completely outlined the rest of the story arc. Iexpect the arc to continue to ten chapters before I cut it off and move on to the journalsthemselves. I pulled this story from the deepest regions of my mind and tried to incorporate allthe elements that I love from the survivor/horror genre. As I have continued to write I think Ihave found a groove that works for me. Everyone has noticed, at this point, I try to add atleast one gory encounter into each continuing episode followed by a little of my humor. And foranyone who knows me I add a bit of my life and self into the story as well. For those who don'tknow me, the character names are fashioned after my names and my friends names which I willcontinue to do, at least until I run out of friends. As for the story itself I had to edit the intro intothe world of the Deadbury Tales for it all to work for me. I began writing memoirs hammeringout ten pages initially and sent them to my friend Chris (co-writer of Dead Meat) to tell me whathe thought. Proving a good point he told me he though it had a little too much dialogue anddetails for it to be a journal entry. I really felt that the opening needed the extra detail so i hadno idea what to do. That's when my friend Patrick (the second writer of Dead Meat) mentionedit sounded more like a memoir to him. Immediately I jumped at that idea. so after a quick editor two the story became as it is now. I hope everyone enjoys it so far and i'll keep pumping outmore if you keep reading.

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