Saturday, July 4, 2009

Memoirs Of The Dead

I'm about four chapters into Memoirs and I have completely outlined the rest of the story arc. Iexpect the arc to continue to ten chapters before I cut it off and move on to the journalsthemselves. I pulled this story from the deepest regions of my mind and tried to incorporate allthe elements that I love from the survivor/horror genre. As I have continued to write I think Ihave found a groove that works for me. Everyone has noticed, at this point, I try to add atleast one gory encounter into each continuing episode followed by a little of my humor. And foranyone who knows me I add a bit of my life and self into the story as well. For those who don'tknow me, the character names are fashioned after my names and my friends names which I willcontinue to do, at least until I run out of friends. As for the story itself I had to edit the intro intothe world of the Deadbury Tales for it all to work for me. I began writing memoirs hammeringout ten pages initially and sent them to my friend Chris (co-writer of Dead Meat) to tell me whathe thought. Proving a good point he told me he though it had a little too much dialogue anddetails for it to be a journal entry. I really felt that the opening needed the extra detail so i hadno idea what to do. That's when my friend Patrick (the second writer of Dead Meat) mentionedit sounded more like a memoir to him. Immediately I jumped at that idea. so after a quick editor two the story became as it is now. I hope everyone enjoys it so far and i'll keep pumping outmore if you keep reading.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well to anyone reading sorry for the lack of updates. My current editor/proofreader and I are experiencing scheduling conflicts at the moment but, I have a few hopefuls that are interested in joining my crusade to expand your horizons of the written word. unfortunately, since I'm still deciding on who is gonna take over I won't be updating this Sunday either. I promise I will make it up. I plan on getting at least two chapters hammered out next week followed by two the following week. Stick with me I promise you will all enjoy what's to come.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Etched In Fear

I got the idea for this blog, obviously, from the Canterbury Tales. Well, I guess when it started I was working with Chris Williams from Dead Meat (Check it out if you haven' yet) and the story never really went anywhere for us, mostly because we are lazy bastards. Anyway, long story short, he revamped it with his brother a while later but, due to scheduling issues and the distance we live from each other I was unable work on it. After a few months of idle hands I needed to write something. I had one of the alternate plot lines I wrote for Dead Meat. I really wanted to copy a lot of my ideas from the Canterbury tales directly but, Chaucer was a pussy and died before he finished it. I Just decided to use the name likeness threw some imagination on it and shit out some stories. That's pretty much it. So keep reading....or so help me i will hunt you down and......

Deadbury Notes

This will be the behind the scene notes for Deadbury Tales and any other ranting I fucking feel like agonizing everyone with. So if you read the tales and like what you read I'll explain some of my ideas and where they came from. Cheese it!